SAUDI QTECH Provides All Types Of Tubular Inspection As:

1- Drill pipes
2- BHA
3- Tubing & casing
4- Elevators & slips
5- Stabilizers and Special drilling tools

Tubular Inspection Services

Tubular Inspection includes inspection of New and Used Oil Country Tubular Goods covering Drill Pipes

Heavy Weight Drill Pipes, Drill Collars, Casing.
• Tubing and Bottom Hole Assembly.
• Inspection Services in offer are
• Electromagnetic inspection unit – EMI for Drill Pipe Body Inspection.
• Electromagnetic inspection unit – EMI for Tubing Body Inspection.
• Electromagnetic inspection unit – EMI for Casing Body Inspection.
• Magnetic particle inspection – MPI.
• Ultrasonic Share Wave.
• Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges.
• Thread Gauging Unit.
• Straightening Machine.
• Internally Full-Length Cleaning Machine.
• Externally Full-Length Cleaning Machine.
• Break Out Bucking Machine.
• Visual Pipe Inspection.
• Dimensional Inspection of Pipe.
• Visual Thread Inspection.
• Tool Joint Dimensional Inspection.
• Dimensional Inspection of Rotary Shoulder.
• Wet fluorescent magnetic particle (black light) inspection.
• Dye Penetrant Testing API Full Length Drifting.
• Hardness Testing.