Welcome to SAUDI QTECH

Technology Precision and Quality Saudi Contracting Company (QTECH) was established in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia to provide asset integrity and inspection support services to clients in Saudi Arabia and GCC. We offer a complete package of Advanced ( ToFD, PaUT, ET/RFT, LRUT, MFL, Tank Inspection) and Conventional NDT ( PT, MPT, RT, UT, HT, PMI, HT) using the most recent and updated instruments and technologies. All Equipment are Saudi Aramco Approved and Customer standards compatible. Our commitment is to protect client investments, and to confirm that the contractors and suppliers meet their expectations with minimum risk


All our employees are updated on quality issues through courses, seminars and in house training on regular basis.


QTECH Management are committed to ensure the company objectives are met and providing our clients with best quality and satisfaction of achieving and exceeding their requirements.


  1. Conventional & Non Conventional Destructive Testing Services (CNDT)
  2. Advanced Non Destructive Testing Services (ANDT)
  3. Inspection & Quality Services
  4. Plant Shutdown and Commissioning Services
  5. Material & Supplies trading
  6. NDT Training