Ether NDE
Is a dedicated manufacturer of Eddy Current (ECT) non-destructive testing NDT equipment, probes and accessories design and manufacture company ETher NDE offers the best in eddy current NDT specialists and knowledge for all eddy current NDT application issues.

·Eddy current NDT flaw detectors
·ECT conductivity meters
·ET aircraft wheel inspection systems
·ECT probes, eddy current weld probes

Baugh &Weedon 
Baugh & Weedon Ltd is one of the UKs leading NDE equipment developers and manufacturers. Uniquely, Baugh & Weedon are designing and manufacturing Systems and Instruments for Magnetic Particle (MPI), Liquid Penetrant (LPI), Ultrasonic (UT) and Eddy Current (ECT) Inspection. Baugh & Weedon Equipment is utilized by many Industries including Aerospace Components Manufacture and Service, Railways, Oil and Gas, Automotive Components, Castings and Forgings, Power Generation and Research and Training Organizations.

Lumacheck UV and white light meter
Lumazon inspection lamp
BW UV-A400 inspection lamp
MY-2 Yoke
Audit TS-1 MPI
Audit Series UT Thickness gauge

Founded in 1998 Tecnitest Ingenieros SL is a NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) engineering company addressing its activity to different industrial sectors. It pays special attention to the use of advanced technologies and is designing its products and services, either related to production quality control or predictive maintenance. Tecnitest Ingenieros SL main activity under the brand of Tecnitest NDT is: the Development, Manufacturing and Service of standard non-destructive testing (NDT) Systems and Solutions.

The Boretest
Immersion Tanks
Pipeline Crawlers
Wall Crawlers
The G-100
X-Ray Cabinet
Ultrasonic Multiplexer MUX-8
8 Channels Ultrasonic Multiplexer MUX-8
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
EDISON – Series
Wave – Series (Danatronics – U.S.A)

QTech lay great emphasis on supplying equipment’s along with quality materials for Oil and Gas Industries. Focusing on customer satisfaction and ensure that the customer is always the first priority.  Qtech provides sales, marketing, and distribution services to international manufacturers either as agent, distributor, or trading partner .Our varied manufacturer partners and product list are as  follows: