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Along with, the multinational large team of workers has been formed both of skillful senior and junior technicians. In addition to the intensive training and long experience, their original educations include a spectrum of specialties starting from technical diploma, Bachelors’ of physics and up to mechanical and electrical engineering. The training and experience are tailored to cover all types of NDT operations, especially the vital and complicated ones. In short, we are a newly established company; but we have gathered experts to satisfy the requirements of our clients for long and short term needs, and the main spirit of QTech staff seeks maintaining the high quality regardless of the size of the work.

Conventional NDT                                    NDT Equipment / Accessories Sales
Magnetic Particles Test (MT)                          UT Equipment and Acessories
Penetrante Test (PT)                                   MT Equipments / Benches
Radiographic Test (RT)                                  Eddy current Equipment
Hardness Test (HT)                                       PWHT Acessories
Positive Material Inspection (PMI)                     RT Acessories
Heat Treatment                                           Advance techniques in Ultrasonic
Radiography Testing


Advanced NDT Services                          3rd Praty Inspection Services
Time of Flight Diffraction (Tofd)                      QA / QC
Phased Array Ultrasonic (PAUT)                       Mechanical
Eddy Current Testing (ET / RFT)                      Electrical
Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)              Civil
Tank Inspection                                            HVAC/Plumbing
Magnetic Flux Leakage(MFL)


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